Heirloom Albums

custom. quality. impactful for generations to come.

A Bit About The Process

Print your memories. Because trust me, you want these to last for generations. Sincerely, your photographer.

Printed on archival paper with premium materials, these albums are meant to last. After researching multiple companies, I found one that creates timeless albums that are hand bound that will last for generations. No detail goes unnoticed & creating an heirloom album isn't always easy. That's why I'm here to help.

The process is simple. Once the gallery has been delivered, you have the option to select each individual image that will appear in your album, and I will personally design it. Or you have the ability to let me choose & create the custom album myself. Albums can be added on to any collection.

Check out our heirloom album collections

Small 8x8 Heirloom Album

  • 8x8 Linen album
  • Fine Art Paper
  • 10 Spreads with ability to upgrade to more
  • Custom Color Options
  • Standard Debossing


$550 + Shipping & Sales tax

8x8 Custom Heirloom Album

  • 8x8 Linen Album
  • Fine Art Paper
  • 15 Spreads with ability to upgrade to more
  • Custom Color Options
  • Standard Debossing


$630 + shipping & sales tax

Large 10x10 Heirloom Album

  • 10x10 Luxe Linen Album
  • Fine Art Paper
  • 15 Spreads with ability to upgrade to more
  • Custom Color Options
  • Standard Debossing


$700 + shipping & sales tax

Additional upgrades

Album Size

All albums can be upgraded to a 12x12.

Additional Spreads

Spreads represent two pages. So 10 spreads would be the equivalent of 20 pages. It is recommended to have 3.5 images per spread. On average I recommend 20-40 images for 10 spreads. However, additional spreads can be added upon request.

Parent Albums

Parent Albums makes for a great gift for family members. A parent album is an exact replica of the original album offered at a discounted rate.

Heirloom Albums & parent albums

Heirloom Albums Can Be Added On To Any Collections At A Discounted Rate

All clients have the option to add a heirloom album to any collection they desire. If the order is placed within the first month of booking a collection, you will receive $50 off any album of your choice. Wanting to wait until after the session to decide?That's perfectly fine as well.

Albums make a great gift for family members, and also make for a wonderful guest book for weddings.

In addition, if you decide to order a parent album for a family member or friend, a discounted rate will be applied for any album purchased after the original.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Click the button below to submit a heirloom album inquiry form. After submitting the form, I will send an accurate quote and more information on how to proceed. From there we will go over the following factors:

  1. Select an album package
  2. Add desired upgrades
  3. Select the images through your gallery or I can select them for you
  4. I'll create the custom albums
  5. Send the proof & make any changes
  6. Place the order & ship to your front door

*Please note I am working with a business that does everything by hand. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to produce once the order is placed. If wanting albums for the holidays, please plan accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

I. What are parent albums?

Parent Albums are exact replicas* of the original design created for my couples. If a family member wants a copy, I'm happy to order additional copies at a discounted rate.

Parent Albums are not custom and can not be changed from the original design created for each couple. If a family member wants a unique design, standard pricing will be put in place.

II. How long does it take to get our album?

Excluding holiday seasons*, it can take roughly 4-6 weeks after image selection for the album to be designed and delivered.

III. Can we make revisions?

After creating a custom design, I will send you the proof. You'll have up to seven days to request revisions. After I've gotten your approval I will send off the album to be carefully crafted and delivered.