If you've chosen Charleston Charm more likely than not, your style might be a tad dressier. From bright pinks to classic whites, I've got some tips & tricks on how to keep you dressed to the nines.


I. Pick Your Style: Fitted or Flowy?

When choosing the right outfit for your session, I alway start with asking myself: do I feel more confident with something form fitted or flowy? If you know you'll keep picking at your dress because it's too tight, I always recommend something flowier ¨̮ It also creates for beautiful moment & photographs extremely well.

II. Colors that compliment you well

Start by choosing an option that works best with your skin tone, and then help your partner. Colors that always complement Charleston are blues, greens, purples, yellows, whites, and pale pinks! However, just remember these are mere guidelines, and you can pick whatever color your heart desires.

III. Patterns? Or Solids?

This can make your break your outfit right here! Certain patterns create what is called "chromatic aberration" within the camera. AKA the photo looks trippy. To avoid this, don't pick outfits with itty bitty patterns (think smaller than a quarter). In addition, you can mix patterns, but I tend to advise having one person in a pattern & one in a solid.

finding your hue


Chalmers street is one of my favorite locations in all of Charleston. With its iconic cobblestone streets, and palm trees, you can't go wrong. Colors that photograph well on Chalmers street include: shades of blue, yellow, pinks, pale greens, & whites.

finding your hue


If you find yourself under the oaks at White Point Garden, classic whites are always a must! It makes you pop while the golden rays light up the canopy in the park. If you chose a classic white, I would recommend having your significant other in a solid color of your choice. Blues, grays, and charcoal colors are always nice.

Finding your Hue


If you find yourself taking a stroll along Church Street, you can't go wrong with any color! Every house along this street has a different feel. From pale greens to bright blue shutters, you will look like you are being photographed for the poster of The Notebook.



DO:Find an outfit that you feel confident in! I find that movement looks gorgeous in photos (and you stay cooler too). If you're thinking of a dressy vibe, and you like flowy dresses they ALWAYS photograph well.

DON'T: Feel the need to be completely matchy/matchy. Complement each other. If you're in a pale yellow dress, have him in a dark navy suit! If you have a purple jumpsuit on, have your man in a white button down with dress pants. And lastly, try and avoid wearing SUPER bright colors like cyan blue while your partner is wearing hot pink. These clash, and while it can be pretty on one person, I'd advise two competing colors on both of you.

Ultimately I always say, stay true to yourself and your style. All of the above tips + tricks are merely guidelines that don't have to be kept. I've found that as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing, the photos will exude that as well!

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