If standard say: Geo, Rutland etc* see below link for all depossing fonts/choices Foil Colors: blind debossinng, silver foil, gold foil, rose gold foil

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*Before you submit, please see the attached links below to select which album color you'd like. If you need help deciding, I am always here to help!

Linen Color Options

Debossing Options

What Are Parent Albums?

Parent Albums are exact replicas of the original design created for my couples. If a family member wants a copy, I'm happy to order additional copies at a discounted rate.

Parent albums can be ordered in sizes 8x8, 10x10, & 12x12.

What Are Spreads?

Spreads are the equivalent to two pages. A spread, is the width of both pages when the album is laid open. Ten spreads is equal to twenty pages, and fifteen spreads is the equivalent of thirty pages.

It is recommended that albums be no more than forty spreads. Please consult your photographer with any additional questions.